“No Distance Between Us” was produced by the Association in partnership with  Durham District School Board, and Durham Regional Police Service.  Funding for this project was provided by the Department of Heritage, Ministry for Multiculturism.

Purpose of this film:

1)    Create a better understanding about Canadian Muslims, their beliefs and their place in society as part of the Canadian Multicultural Family. (Public Education).

2)     Illustrate how the backlash of the tragedy that took place on September 11th 2001 has  impacted on the Canadian Muslim community and that there is a danger of  taking a giant step backward in our achieving a society of inclusiveness and  tolerance. (Community Action).

Only through creating a better understanding and challenging the biases, stereotypes, acts of racism and hatred, and numerous misunderstandings and misrepresentations against the Canadian Muslim community can we continue down the road towards an inclusive, tolerant, harmonious and culturally diverse society.

As a partner, Durham District School Board has contributed, a User Guide that is used with this film as part of the Curriculum in the Durham Public Schools.  The Durham Regional Police, as partner, has distributed this film to other  regional police services to be used in training new cadets.  This film has also been distributed to the Police Services in Australia to be used as a training tool for officers.

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