This was the first Eid celebration organized by the Association in Room 200, and the 4th one organized by Mobeen Khaja. Mrs. Nurjehan Mawani, C.M., Chair of the Immigration & Refugee Board, was the Keynote Speaker. Two coach buses were chartered to bring attendees from Toronto and Kingston. The buses left Toronto at noon and reached the Hill by 5:00 p.m. A light lunch was provided. The buses stopped in Kingston for prayers and to pick up some attendees. The buses left Ottawa by 9:30 p.m. and reached Toronto by 2:00 a.m.

More than 60 Members of Parliament and Senators attended. There were Ambassadors and High Commissioners from 25 countries. Mr. Aziz Bhaloo, National President for the National Ismaili Council, attended. There was pin-drop silence as Mobeen Khaja read the letter from His Highness, Prince Aga Khan, in which he gave his blessings to the Association for being truly representative of all Muslims.

PH-99-3 PH-99-1
Head Table (L-R): Nurjehan Mawani, Mobeen Khaja,
Hon. Peter Milliken, Speaker of House of Commons.
Head Table (L-R) Hon. Janet Ecker, Nizar Mawani,
Aziz Bhaloo, Hon. Paul Martin, Mobeen Khaja.
PH-99-4 PH-99-2
(Sitting:) Hon. Art Eggleton & Hon. Gildas Molgat,
Speaker of Senate. (Walking): Mobeen Khaja & Hon.
Paul Martin.
L-R: Hon. Paul Martin, Dan McTeague & Mobeen Khaja

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