The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, witnessed the presentation of the Association’s o 2005 Eid-ul-Adha Award by the President of the Association, Mobeen Khaja, to the Honourable Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Hon. Dan Hays, Speaker of the Senate.

The Association paid tribute to the “Canadian Parliamentary Democratic System of Government, especially our Constitution, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the policy of Multiculturalism, which have produced extraordinary Pluralism, Equality, and a fully empowered Citizenry.”

Hon. Paul Martin got a standing ovation as he walked into Room 200, West Block, and at the end of his speech. He was the Chief Guest as he has been at all past celebrations. He spoke about Canada ’s growing role in the world and called upon the Muslim community to put their shoulder to the wheel as Canada moves forward internationally. On the Charter of Rights, he said that it is a code of Canadian values and protects the rights of minorities. He went on to say that Canada is a nation of minorities and the Charter is the foundation of our democracy. He also said that Canada is a country that has her greatest days ahead, and that Canada does not have to look back but continuously look forward to a world not the way it has been but to a world as it must be.

Mrs. Norah Bent Hamad Ben Abdul Aziz Al-Jameeh, one of the founding members of the National Committee of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, was the Keynote Speaker. She spoke about the social and economic changes that are taking place in Saudi Arabia and how women now hold teaching positions at universities, own businesses, sit on committees that are making policy decisions, all in keeping with the rights and status granted to women in Islam.

The Association also arranged a luncheon in Toronto on February 4, 2005 where Mrs. Norah Al-Jameeh adressed 300 invited guests.

Ph05-head-table1 PH-05-award-3
Prime Minister Paul Martin with Justin Trudeau Plaque presentation to Charles Coffey of RBC.
PH-05-gift-speaker PH-05-winner
Mobeen Khaja presenting plaque to Justin Trudeau. Professor
Toope (extreme left) and some APMC executives watch. Gift presentation to Senator Prud’homme, after the
presentation of the plaque, by Hon. Gene Augustine.

Ph05-head-table1 PH-05-award-3
Head Table (L – R) Ambassador Al-Husseini, Rt. Hon.
Paul Martin,
Mrs. Norah Al-Jameeh, Mobeen Khaja, Hon.
Bill Graham,

Hon.Peter Milliken.
Presentation of plaque: (L – R) Rahim Jaffer, Rt. Hon. Paul
Martin, Mobeen Khaja, Hon. Peter Milliken (Speaker for
House of Commons) Hon. Dan Hays (Speaker of Senate)
PH-05-gift-speaker PH-05-winner
The Association’s Executives with Mrs. Norah Al-Jameeh,
and Hon. Bill Graham who presented a John Perry
sculpture ofdolphins to Mrs. Norah Al-Jameeh on
behalf of the Association.
(L – R) Dan McTeague, Azhar Ali Khan (winner of Saudi
Airline tickets) Senator Poy, Rahim Jaffer and Ambassador

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