This year, the Association celebrated the 800th birth anniversary of Mevlana Rumi, considered one of the greatest poets of all times, as UNESCO declared 2007 as the year of Rumi. Awards were given to the embassies of Turkey, where Rumi lived and died, and Iran as his poetry is in Persian. Both Iran and Turkey have held many events here in Canada to celebrate the life and contributions of Mevlana Rumi to Muslim thought and culture. UNESCO chose to honour Rumi this year because of his ability to bridge the barriers of culture and religion. Plaques and Keith Sandulak’s polar bear sculptures were presented to His Excellency Aydemir Erman, Ambassador of Turkey, and to Dr. Fazel Larijani, Cultural Attache for Iran.

PH07-gift-to-Barry PH07-gift-Turkey
Gift Presentation to Mr. Barry Leon (3rd from right) H. E. Aydemir Erman (3rd from right) with Association’s
Executive after plaque and gift presentation
PH07-gift-Iran PH07-painting
Association’s Executive presenting gift and plaque to
Dr. Larijani (2nd from right)
Dr. Larijani presented a painting of Mevlana Rumi to
Ambassador of Turkey
 PH07-gift  PH07-room
Dr. Larijani presented a hand-woven rug of Mevlana
Rumi to Mobeen Khaja, President of the Association
L – R: Ambassador of Albania, Najmul Siddiqui-President
of Wi-Lan V-Chip Inc., Lui Temelkovski – MPP,
and High Commissioner of India

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