His Excellency, Rafat Mahdi, High Commissioner for Pakistan, was the Keynote Speaker. He was presented with a plaque to in recognition of his distinguished career as a diplomat. Hon. Senator Marcel Prud’homme, P.C., came from Ottawa to attend this celebration for the 2nd time. He was presented with a plaque to recognize him for his Vision, Friendship and ongoing support for the Muslim community. Mervin Witter, Director Canadian Human Rights Commission, and Superintendent John Hamilton of the Durham Regional Police Service, were also presented with plaques to acknowledge their contributions and service to the people of Ontario.

QP2000-head-table QP2000-group
L-R: Leader of the Opposition, Dalton McGuinty, Mrs. Mahdi,
Derek Nelson, Hon. Frank Klees, Rahim Jaffer, M.P.
L-R: Khalid Usman, Gerry Philips, Dalton McGuinty,M.P.P.s,
Mrs. Mahdi, Hon. Janet Ecker, H.E. Rafat Mahdi, Mr. Arain,
Consul General for Pakistan, Mrs. Arain, Mobeen Khaja
QP2000-ambassador QP2000-senator
Plaque Presentation: L-R: Hon. Janet Ecker,
H.E. Rafat Mahdi, Mobeen Khaja
Hon. Janet Ecker, Senator Prud’homme, Zul Kassamali,
Mobeen Khaja
QP2000-hamilton QP2000-witter
Hon. Janet Ecker, Superindent John Hamilton, Mohammed
Jaffer, Zul Kassamali, Mobeen Khaja
Mervinn Witter with Association’s Executives: Mohammed
Jaffer, Hashmat Malik, Pervez Khusro, Mobeen Khaja

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